Friday, May 30, 2008

Ometepe Trip

The NICAestudio crew is taking a couple of days to go to the island of Ometepe with the volunteers of Casas de la Esperanza. While there we will continue with two Spanish architects that we only know as Jaime and Ines on the shed design.

We will try to update while in the island but we will be back on Monday for sure.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tropical Storm Alma

At first we thought it was just a particularly bad rainy season day, but it turns out that we are in the middle of tropical storm Alma. And the weather channel has no signs of it stopping for the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Developing the Shed - Initial Design

These are some images of the initial design for the shed. The design features a 2 story building with an elevated pathway that creates a courtyard, conserving some important laurel trees on the site, while also giving a loft space in the machine area for easy loading of the tractor as well as extra storage.

Another building for the shed across the vehicular access path creates continuity in the front of the site from its north-western corner to the proposed pedestrian pathway that would, after the construction of the shed, serve as the main entrance to the site. This new front includes a proposed expansion of the program to include more commercial activities such as food stalls and craft sales.



by S.Bussiere, C.Canabou, A.Chang, Q.Riano

Shed Program and Siting

Office 30m²
Conf. Center/Classroom 30m²
Workshops (Metal, Electrical, etc... 50m²
Woodshop 50m²
Bathrooms 6m²
Social Area (Kitchenette) 10m²
Garage/Maintenance for Tractor and Excavator 90m²
Vehicular Entrance Gate + Pedestrian Pathway

The site is in the small patch of land to the left of the main entrance. Because of its prominent location we will also take on the design of the entrance gate and a possible pedestrian pathway we discovered. Finally, as per Carlos' request, we are trying to save as many of the laurel trees as possible.

Paronamas by Simon B.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goals for the May26-June11 Trip

1-The Design of the 'Shed' for the tractor seed project
This program includes workshop areas, offices, and other facilities. We will begin design and do mock ups of materials and construction methods for it. The idea is that this shed will contain the DNA of the entire project within it, exhibiting the different ideas at all levels (from the seed programs to housing's materiality and process studies)

2-The Business Plan
We will help Oscar develop the business plan for the NGO and the seed project.

3-Site Plan for City Hall
We will take the work we have done, make sure that it reflects the reality of the site, add houses, and add dimensions and other things needed to submit to City Hall for a permit.

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