Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Developing the Shed

After an initial design with lots of energy we were asked by Angel and Oscar to calm down just a bit and bring it back to La Prusia. We are no longer working with an elevated path but we are still offering the option of a two story building for the workshop/La Prusia Community Center (previous offices), while also doing a one story design.

The constant is the machine space and storage (in aqua) that moves closer to the front building to save as many trees as possible (per Nicaraguan law as well as general tree-hugginess). Next to the machines we are placing the first composting toilets in the site (in orange), which we began building today. In the front we have the workshops (blue) in the bottom, and in the two story option, the La Prusia Community Center (LPCC) on top (in red and pink). In the one-story option the LPCC moves across the street to continue the presence along the road. The buildings on the front still have space to accommodate the sale of food and goods for the benefit of those working in the workshops and LPCC as well as others that may be traveling the road.

The final piece of the new design is the proposed relocation of Carlos' house (yellow) to the front of the site so that he can have better control and security over the machines and the site in general.



Sections Looking North

Sections Looking West
The Composting Toilet
Stacking out the site and talking to Hugo about Materials

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